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Online grocery shopping

Have you already discovered the convenience of online grocery shopping? Nowadays, it has become a trend. Popular supermarket like Asda, Tesco and Waitrose already offer their own online supermarket. But we also notice new initiatives such as Ocado and HelloFresh. These new startups make online grocery shopping even more easier. Retail experts expect that more and more people will buy their groceries via the internet. At this moment, about 7% of the UK-people regularly shop online. In a few years, this could increase to more than 20%! Why? Because more and more chains open their online supermarket. Consumers can choose from many supermarkets, delivery costs are getting lower, and online you can easily compare prices. Fact is: online grocery shopping is getting really popular. But what is the best online supermarket? On this page we discuss the various online supermarkets.

Where can i buy groceries online?

Consumers in the United Kingdom are in a luxurious position. In this country, there are quite a lot of supermarkets where you can order online. The most popular ones? These are Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Ocado and Amazon Pantry. All these stores offer a webshop where you can easily buy your groceries online. Unfortunately, not all these stores deliver in the whole country. Nationwide coverage is not something all supermarkets offer yet. So how do know which supermarket delivers at home in my region? Just use the search bar, enter your town/village/city, and see the different grocery delivery services in your hometown. You can also see delivery services of bigger areas like Bedford and Cherwell. You can also directly visit the supermarket to see their delivery area. E.g. go to John-lewis or Superdrug for more details.

Online grocery shopping is expensive, right?

Many people believe that online grocery shopping is expensive. A few years ago, this was actually true. Delivery costs were pretty high. But times have changed. Some supermarkets already offer free grocery delivery. Examples of these are Waitrose and Iceland. But also the most popular online supermarkets already offer almost free delivery. Tesco and Asda just asks £1 for delivery. So, online grocery shopping is absolutely not expensive! On the contrary: in many cases it is even cheaper. You don’t have to use your car, you don’t pay for fuel and parking. And online, it is quite easy to find the cheapest supermarket for your grocery list. Also visit the pages about Poundstretcher and Poundland to learn more about their (free) delivery service.