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Grocery Delivery

Looking for Online grocery delivery? Online grocery shopping is getting more and more popular in the United Kingdom. Traditional supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda already offer a webshop for a few years now. But also new players like Ocado enter the market. Check out all online supermarkets of the United Kingdom. Below, you can find the most popular online grocery stores. You can see minimum order value, delivery costs and an overall rating. Press the green button to learn more about a particular online supermarket. There you can find more information about their assortment, service, discounts and more. Enjoy online grocery shopping!

Groceries delivered at home

Grocery shopping can sometimes be difficult. Why? Maybe you are busy with with work, your children or you have reached a respectable age. Grocery shopping for older people, for example, has become increasingly difficult today. Parking spaces are busy, queues long, and people are getting less patience. It may therefore be useful to use the grocery delivery service. This grocery delivery service means that you order the groceries in advance and get the products nicely delivered to your home. Unfortunately, this service is not yet offered everywhere. Local supermarkets often deliver at home these days. Sometimes this is free, and sometimes you have to pay a small fee for this service. A grocery delivery service not only save you a lot of time but also a lot of money. The discounts and offers in the supermarket often also apply online. This way you never pay too much for the groceries. Moreover, it doesn’t need effort to get your daily groceries. The delivery staff are friendly and deliver the bags to the kitchen. So you do not have to walk all the stairs anymore. All that remains is to store the items in your storage box. Experience the convenience yourself and test the grocery delivery service in your region! Directly see what services you can use in your are. For example, see all details of United Kingdom and Cornwall.

What grocery delivery service is free?

One question we get a lot is; “What does the grocery delivery service cost?”. The cost grocery delivery at home varies per supermarket. Often, a minimum order amount is required before any delivery can be made. The average delivery costs are about £1 to £2. But if you spend more, you often can make use of free grocery delivery. For example, if you spend for more than £60, you get delivered for free. This applies to Waitrose. Each supermarket has its own nice conditions. For example, Ocado has certain days in the week on which you can benefit free delivery. A good question is: Why should i pay for delivery? Well, don’t forget that supermarkets take a lot of effort in the delivery of your groceries: they should collect all products for your order, the order should be packaged, and the delivery men should drive to your house. This has a price tag.

Not all supermarkets deliver yet
Unfortunately, there are still some supermarkets that don’t have a delivery service yet. Popular discounters like Lidl and also Aldi do not deliver the groceries at home yet. We see that these supermarkets started with the delivery of non-food products. Obviously, we will let you know once also these important supermarkets have started their grocery delivery service.